The two characters in this episode move through the lanes of an imaginary, oneiric city, encountering visions and memories of excess and absence, loss and overflow, surrender and hope. In the quest for their personal definition of what is the holy centre, they confront themselves with the prosaic realities of India. It is as if there was neither inside nor outside, but textures and edges. Their acts are centrifugal, remembrances splint all over the ground, waiting to be picked up after having traveled so far. The characters circulate and watch at themselves as strangers who are drawn to stop by, in the process of adding their stories to others. Unrevealing and revealing is accretive. Meanings, signs, which are layered over ruins and the history dust, are peeled off one by one to be connected and set forth in a map of fragmented time.

A VestAndPage production

In co-production with Sarai CSDS Centre for the Studies of Developing Societies, Delhi

India / Germany / Italy, 2011

HD digital / DVD PAL, color, stereo, 00:37:14, 16:9, English with subtitles in Hindi

Concept, Performances, Camera: Verena Stenke, Andrea Pagnes

Post-production and editing: Verena Stenke

Text: Andrea Pagnes, Cybermohalla Ensemble

Hindi Translation: Rakesh Kumar Singh

Trailer Music: 49 percent by diF_ ISh S and Konrad Bayer

With the support of Inder Salim, SSARL Saariy Samav Aksey Razi Lamav, Shankar Barua | Akademy of Electronic Arts, Arun Metha.

sin∞fin The Movie

The trilogy

    #1 Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

    #2 India & Kashmir

    #3 Antarctica